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Editor’s Note: Our fourth annual Best of La Crosse contest drew approximately 1,775 voters, all through our website. We would like to thank the voters, as well as the many local businesses that advertised in this issue, for their support of the free press in La Crosse. Winners in the music division will be announced in our October edition.
  • Mayor Tim calls a timeout
    The mayor feels this is a move important to the city’s health.
  • What's the craic with Irishfest?
    About 98 percent of the bands that play in La Crosse are also playing in The Cities or Milwaukee. As the Guinness ad would say, it was brilliant.
  • College 101
    You never know what could happen; the girl sitting next to you could be your maid of honor one day.
  • Scott Walker's dream budget
    A little more than a year after surviving a loud and angry recall effort, Gov. Walker is showing his opponents he feels no need to compromise or negotiate.
  • Pubs and pedals

    Aaron Ottesen nicknames his Wednesday night ritual "the trifecta."

    Bike. Burrito. Beer.

  • Folk music's diversity on full display at Great River festival
    Folk music defies a simple definition, although “American roots music” is perhaps the closest to capturing its essence.
  • In demand outlaw
    Merle Haggard is a man of many legacies — country music icon, creator of the Bakersfield sound, spirit of the Silent Majority — but before he became stitched into the fabric of American music lore, Merle Haggard was an Outlaw.
  • Dar Williams headlines folk festival
    Folk superstar Dar Williams will be the opening act for the 2013 Great River Folk Festival running from Aug. 23-35.


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  • Strawberry Rhubarb
    This beer is extremely delicious and would probably be better as a standalone treat than as a food pairing.
  • Kabob House
    With Kabob House, La Crosse has yet another quality Indian (and Pakistani) restaurant.
  • The Green Bay Packers have decided to flip-flop the seating at Lambeau Field to better protect their $110 million investment in quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
  • 1. Electronic billboard
    2. Middle school football team
    3. Rail liquor selection
    4. Parking ramp
    5. Internet troll
    6. Graffiti artist
    7. Kwik Trip
  • 1. Pete Best
    2. Milwaukee's Best
    3. "Best in Show"
    4. Best Western
    5. Best Coast
    6. Best Buy
    7. 'My Best Friend's Girl"
  • Steve Harm

    What is your beverage of choice: I just love an ice cold water, or a chocolate malt. NOT A SHAKE.

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